The Driving Instructor Examination Process

In order to become an ADI there are three ´Register Qualifying Examinations´ conducted by the DVSA, details of which are set out below together with how we will help you prepare fully for each one.

THE ADI THEORY TEST (PART 1). This is a multiple-choice test using a touch-screen computer. There are 100 questions on all aspects of driving which are divided into four categories and you must attain a minimum mark in each category. The exam also includes a Hazard Perception test. The Hazard Perception test is the same as that taken by learner drivers, although this does require a higher level of aptitude. The test may be taken at any of the DVSA´s 158 theory test centres, so there is one in every major town or city in the country. This part of the course takes the form of distance learning training where we will concentrate fully on both elements of the test. All materials used are official DVSA publications and their recommendations, including the complete DVSA question bank, books, DVD and computer software. You will be personally and professionally guided throughout, to ensure that you get off to the best possible start. All materials provided are yours to keep. Further support, should you need it, is only a phone call away.

THE TEST OF DRIVING ABILITY (PART 2). This is a practical one-hour test of your driving ability that covers all types of road and traffic conditions. You must be able to demonstrate a high degree of technical skill, anticipation and awareness as well as undertaking a number of manoeuvres and completing an eyesight test. The test may be taken at a DVSA regional driving test centre. All training will be carried out in one of our training vehicles. The amount of training required varies from person to person and this is tailored to suit each individual. These training sessions are designed to develop your existing experience and will help to make you a safe driver for life, not simply to pass the test.

THE TEST OF INSTRUCTIONAL ABILITY (PART 3). Once again this is a practical test which lasts for one hour. You will be marked on 17 areas of competence that are grouped into 3 categories – lesson planning, risk management and teaching/learning strategies. You´ll get a score from 0-3 for each of the 17 competences, which are added up to work out if you´ve passed the test and what grade you´ve achieved. As with the Part 2 test, this one is also conducted at a DVSA regional driving test centre. This test is by far the most involved of the three tests. You will be introduced to lesson plans, instructional techniques and DVSA recommended material that will prove invaluable throughout your training with us. Again this training will be carried out in one of our training vehicles accurately recreating the test itself, so there will be no hidden surprises. Part 3 training in particular is a very specialist skill. Rest assured that when you train with Adams Instructor Training your trainer will be among the best in the country and the training itself will be tailored to your individual needs.

Each test will be covered in detail as you complete our training course but if you require more information at this stage please don´t hesitate to contact us on07788 638 084

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